It’s time for new leadership from a new generation to deliver new vision and vigor for our party. I’ve spent the past few weeks talking with members of our Democratic Party’s state committee, local elected officials, and everyday Washingtonians about how we can begin rebuilding our party, together.

With 2/5 of the pledged votes needed to win, I will be in contention for the position of Vice Chair of the DC Democratic Party. I’m running because an out-of-touch political class & its sycophants cannot be the only ones with a say in the future of our Democratic Party. As your next Vice Chair, I will focus on:


Millennials & youth activists have a critical role to play in re-energizing our party and taking the fight to Republicans in Congress. Our local party is not hearing out and including young voters and activists in any meaningful way. As the next Vice Chair, I will fight to ensure our party is more inclusive of all voices & foster more youth engagement by:

  • Partnering with youth leaders and activists within social and racial justice movements to help build the party with new energy and increased inclusivity.
  • Supporting and invest in DC College Democrats & DC Young Democrats with funding to make sure our party reaches democrats of all ages.
  • Supporting voter registration efforts on college campuses.
  • Ensuring our party is reaching and organizing millennial and young voters through all available digital and social media tools.
  • Working with other millennial organizations to determine what tools, programs, and strategies are effective and impactful.


The DC Democratic Party’s outreach efforts are embarrassingly ineffective. Our Party must ensure it has a better online and social media presence in addition to increasing transparency. As the next Vice Chair I will push for:

  • Rebuilding our social media presence through revamped & consistent branding, developing a rapid response program, increasing engagement across multiple platforms.
  • Pushing for our monthly State Committee meetings to be live-streamed.
  • Making sure monthly meeting minutes & our public documents are available online for the general public.
  • Establishing a periodic newsletter to keep party members engaged & informed about how to get involved.


Urge members of the DC Democratic Party to vote for Walter Deleon for DC Democratic Vice Chair. Join Team Deleon to greet State Committee Voters on September 7th, 2017 at 6:45PM at the John A. Wilson Building (1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004) by the D Street Entrance. Voting starts at 7PM.

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