Meeting Reminder on Ward 5 Shelter in 5C02

Friends and neighbors,

I wanted to remind residents in 5C02 of a meeting that will take place next week regarding the Mayor’s plan to move place a homeless shelter in our community. Information via Woodridge South Civic Association President Carlos Davis:

Meeting notice:

WHAT:     A follow-up meeting for all of Ward 5 to discuss strategies, options and alternatives to Mayor Bowser’s proposed location of a homeless shelter @ 2266 25th NE.(Currently a vacant industrial warehouse.)
WHEN:    Monday, 22 February 2016, 6:30-8:30 PM
WHERE: New Canaan Baptist Church 2826 Bladensburg Road NE
BACKGROUND: Overwhelmingly, citizens of Ward 5 expressed support of the Mayor’s plan to close DC General as a shelter. Also positively expressed is support of the Mayor’s strategy to place families from the DC General Shelter though out each of the city’s eight Wards over the next two years. However, many believe that the industrial site/location is not environmentally conducive to house the proposed 50 families. Whether you agree, disagree or just need to have more information, please come to the meeting and have your voice heard.

Walter Deleon
Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for 5C-02
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