A letter from DCCD President Walter Deleon

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Fellow Democrat –

Last November, our country and party suffered a major setback.

Now more than ever, we ALL have a role to play in not only resisting donald trump’s regressive agenda, but in fighting fiercely for our progressive Democratic values on a local, state, and national level.

That’s why I’m excited to announce I am actively exploring the possibility of running for President of the College Democrats of America & Vice Chair of the DC Democratic Party.

We have a unique opportunity to harness the energy from the resistance to craft stronger, more active organizations; better support America’s college students; and make a real impact in local, regional, & national elections.

As a former elected Commissioner in my hometown of Washington DC and President of the most active College Democrats organization in the country, I know how. In the months since becoming DCCD President, we’ve mobilized hundreds of students into Virginia for 2017 elections, increased our fundraising levels by over 900%, & finally put the organization on the right track.

I am grateful to the supportive friends, fellow elected officials, and students from around the country who have urged me to run for these roles. In the coming weeks, I hope to talk with many of you and have a conversation about how we will fight for America’s future together.

– Walter Deleon, President | DC Federation of College Democrats

Walter Deleon has worked on a several campaigns since high school, including Governor Martin O’Malley’s campaign leadership team and DC Ward 5 Coordinator for Councilmember Robert White’s successful Council campaign this past Fall. In 2014, Deleon was elected Commissioner of District 5C02 with 92% of the vote & became the youngest elected official in DC history. Deleon is a student at the University of the District of Columbia. Learn more about Walter here.


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