Statement on ‘Club Bliss’


Dear friends and neighbors,

I know there have been some concerns about Bliss, a new establishment opening tonight on 24th st. After meeting with the owner yesterday, and coming to the conclusion of needing a voluntary agreement between our community and the establishment, I am writing this email to allay any fears you might have concerning the club.

First and foremost, no notice of club’s alcohol license was given to you, me, or the Councilmember’s office because this is not an application for a new license or license renewal. Unfortunately, no attempts to revoke the alcohol license can be made until Bliss tries to renew its alcohol license with ABRA.

Additionally, Bliss has a tavern license, not a nightclub one. A moratorium, such as one discussed by a few members in various emails cannot be put into place because there are not enough businesses with tavern licenses in our area.

Since tonight is Club Bliss’s first night, I will be outside the establishment alongside several other members of the community as well as an ABRA representative to ensure that there are no noise violations made. Feel free to contact me or the police department if you encounter any noise issues.


Published by Walter Deleon

Youngest elected official in DC, coffee addict, and proud Washingtonian.

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