What Commissioner Deleon’s Proposed Moratorium means for 5C02

EDIT: The Commissioner’s Resolution for a Moratorium was approved unanimously by all Commissioners present at the December meeting. With a collective capacity of over 7,000 patrons, there is no more room for any for nightlife establishment in the Queens Chapel Road corridor of 5C02. For decades, residents of the greater Woodridge Community have battled noiseContinue reading “What Commissioner Deleon’s Proposed Moratorium means for 5C02”

Statement on ‘Club Bliss’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Dear friends and neighbors, I know there have been some concerns about Bliss, a new establishment opening tonight on 24th st. After meeting with the owner yesterday, and coming to the conclusion of needing a voluntary agreement between our community and the establishment, I am writing this email to allay any fears you might have concerning theContinue reading “Statement on ‘Club Bliss’”