What Commissioner Deleon’s Proposed Moratorium means for 5C02

EDIT: The Commissioner’s Resolution for a Moratorium was approved unanimously by all Commissioners present at the December meeting.

With a collective capacity of over 7,000 patrons, there is no more room for any for nightlife establishment in the Queens Chapel Road corridor of 5C02. For decades, residents of the greater Woodridge Community have battled noise pollution, an influx of club patrons parking on residential streets, and a constant stream of trash caused by venue patrons.

That’s why the Commissioner’s Resolution matters. If approved by ABRA, no new Class C licenses – the type of license nightclubs need to operate – will be approved for the next five years within a 700 feet radius of the Queens Chapel Road corridor of 5C02.

This means no additional noise and light pollution seeping into surrounding neighborhoods, no new cars parking in residential streets, and no new nightclubs in 5C02. Read the Moratorium text at the bottom of the page:

Tell Councilmember McDuffie to support the Commissioner’s moratorium:




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