Are you a DC College Student? Then Councilmember McDuffie’s bill is bad news for you.

In light of Alonzo Smith’s death under the hands of a Special Police Officer (SPO), Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie’s latest Bill is extremely concerning.

If approved by the DC Council, the Councilmember’s Bill will allow all University Campus Police Officers, which are SPO’s, to enforce their respective Univeristy’s Student Code of Conduct off-campus. See the full Bill text below the form.

This Bill can be defeated, but only if you act!

Email the Councilmember below, tweet him at @KenyanMcDuffie, or call his office at (202)-724-8028 to voice your concerns. As a District resident and college student, it’s your right.

Tell Councilmember McDuffie you oppose The Special Police Officer Enhanced Security Amendment Act of 2015:



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Youngest elected official in DC, coffee addict, and proud Washingtonian.

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